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Positive parenting can prevent HIV

A parent’s job is to guide their children safely to adulthood yet many parents or caregivers – for multiple reasons – neglect the very real risk to their children of contracting HIV. HIV is the second largest cause of death of adolescents globally and the first in Africa. New HIV infections are concentrated in older adolescents and young people, particularly adolescent girls and young women. South Africa has the highest number of estimated new infections per week – over 2,000 – among women aged 15-24. Parents urgently need to have the difficult conversations with their children about sex, sexuality and…

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Communities in Prevention

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance is part of the UNAIDS Prevention Focal Point Group, responsible for planning the launch meeting of the UNAIDS Global HIV Prevention Coalition to be held in Nairobi in October. As part of building international momentum around this launch, and getting civil society input and engagement, the Alliance held a thematic meeting on prevention in which key global prevention advocates/champions were in attendance. NACOSA, as the Alliance’s incoming linking organisation for South Africa, hosted this prevention meeting which took place on 28 August – 31 August 2017 at the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town. The topic…


Addressing gender for PrEP

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) was conceived to fill the urgent need for a woman-controlled HIV prevention method. However, biomedical technology alone will not alter the underlying gender inequalities that make women and girls vulnerable to HIV. This technical brief was developed by Michele Lanham from FHI360 – an OPTIONS consortium partner. It focuses on addressing gender while ensuring effective PrEP introduction.  

Addressing Gender to Ensure Effective PrEP Introduction

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