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Community Systems Strengthening

Communities have unique knowledge and experience of the issues they face. Coordinated, capacitated and resilient communities play a vital role in the development of national plans and can help to improve access to services.

The Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) programme, funded by the Global Fund, will strengthen the coordination of the national AIDS response and build the capacity of community organisations and structures across the country. Working together, the AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) and NACOSA will implement the programme across all nine provinces.



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Community Systems Toolbox

In 2014, UNAIDS launched new targets for HIV treatment scale-up with the ultimate aim of ending AIDS by 2030. These targets are called the 90-90-90 cascade.

TOOLBOX #4 > 90-90-90 Fast Track Targets

The National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STIs 2017–2022 aims to accelerate progress towards meeting the Fast Track Targets by: reducing new HIV infections; improving treatment, care and support; reaching key and vulnerable populations; and addressing the social and structural drivers of HIV.


Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious bacterial disease which is carried in airborne particles and transmitted through the air. Although it is curable and treatment is free, it is a major health problem for South Africa and we all need to play our part in stopping it.

TOOLBOX #3 > Tuberculosis; TB and HIV; TB and the National Strategic Plan (October 2017)

Those with weakened immune systems, like people living with HIV are 17-22 times more likely to develop TB so communities need to understand the links between TB and HIV and how and where to seek screening and treatment.

Key populations

TOOLBOX #2 > Key Populations; Definitions; Intersections (May 2017)

You and your community or organisation can discuss which people are included as key and vulnerable populations for HIV, AIDS, TB and STIs in the new National Strategic Plan. You can discuss why these groups are more at risk. DOWNLOAD Worksheet >

Theories of Change


TOOLBOX #1 > Introduction to CSS; Theories of Change; Involving the Right People (October 2016)

Speak to your AFSA or NACOSA representative for copies.

Consultative process

The CSS consultative process provides a platform for stakeholders to discuss key issues and strengthen coordination. These processes take place within larger community systems structures, mechanisms and networks made up of different types of entities: community members, formal and informal community organisations and other stakeholders in the community.

Regular district-level consultative forums with NACOSA Network members and other stakeholders enable us to share learning, get feedback on specific issues and support the implementation of the National Strategic Plan, coordinated by SANAC.