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Closing the gap with HIV self-testing

We have made great strides in bringing HIV testing services to communities and getting more people to test regularly. But we are still not reaching enough people with testing, particularly men, adolescents and key populations. Could HIV self-testing be the answer to closing the gap? Despite the gains made in HIV testing, particularly in Africa where there has been huge scale-up, 40% of people living with HIV worldwide don’t know their status. According to Cheryl Johnson, Technical Officer at the World Health Organization, in Eastern and Southern Africa, uptake of testing has hit a plateau and is not having the…

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HIV self-testing guidelines

The Southern African Clinicians Society have issued guidelines on HIV self-testing (HIVST). These guidelines serve as additional guidance for the National HIV Testing Services Policy 2016 with a specific focus on HIVST. There is a global initiative to accelerate universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care. HIV testing remains the key point of entry in the continuum of care for any individual living with HIV. The HIV testing gap remains significant and HIVST has been recommended as an additional tool to complement traditional HIV-testing services (HTS) in order to reach key and under-tested populations like men, young people and people from…

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HIV Testing Services – Week 2

Week 2 of the 10-day accredited training that includes finger prick training. Become a qualified HIV counsellor!

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HIV Testing Services – Week 1

A 10 day accredited training that includes finger prick training. Become a qualified HIV counsellor!

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Adjusting the lens: Integrating HTS with Children

Poster abstract presented by Caroline Wills at the International AIDS Conference 2016 in Durban on integrating HIV testing services (HTS) into support programmes for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in South Africa. The Global Fund supported NACOSA and NRASD to implement an OVC programme from 1 October 2013 – 31 March 2016, focused on delivering a more HIV-focused package of services. The programme supported 76 community based organisations in all nine South African provinces with HTS – one of a range of services offered.

Integrating HTS with Children

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Procurement and Supply Management

A comprehensive 3-day training ticking all Procurement and Supply Management boxes related to health products and non-medical HIV testing services sites. For organisations in the Community Systems Strengthening programme.

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