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NACOSA was privileged to be represented at the International AIDS Conference in Montreal, Canada. Many of our colleagues from other parts of Africa were not able to attend because they were denied visas or refused entry, underscoring once again the unacceptable inequities in global health responses. We were there to share some of our learnings working with key and vulnerable populations in South Africa and also to gain insights from the global AIDS community on how we “re-engage and follow the science”. The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a blow to the progress we were making on HIV, AIDS and TB –…

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Western Cape Principle Recipient Meeting

A meeting for  Global Fund Principle Recipients to give a quarterly update on their programmes in the province, including Sub-Recipient programme updates. This meeting is by invitation only. Find out more about Community Systems Strengthening

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Partnership in Action

As principal recipient for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria between 2013 and 2016, NACOSA worked to build the capacity of community organisations, scale-up prevention programmes for the most at-risk populations, increase the coverage and uptake of HIV counselling and testing, increase access to services for people living with HIV and strengthen support for orphaned and vulnerable children. A series of postcards celebrates the achievements of this grant. Get the full stories from these postcards, as well as evaluation reports and other useful links here: PORTRAITS >

NACOSA Global Fund Programme 2013-2016

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Western Cape Principle and Sub-Recipient Meeting

In preparation for the Western Cape Provincial Council of AIDS meeting, NACOSA will convene a quarterly Principal Recipient and Sub-Recipient consultation meeting. This meeting is by invitation only. The agenda will include: A programme progress report per PR and their SRs for the quarter. Introduction of SRs appointed for the Western Cape    

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Alfred Nzo district Consultative Forum – Theory of change (EC)

What is the change we want to see in our district? Please join us for a NACOSA Consultative Forum Meeting to discuss, identify and address advocacy issues around HIV, AIDS, TB and STIs that affect our communities.  

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Meet #GenEndIt

Be inspired by three resilient young men and women who survived HIV, TB and malaria and who are determined to end the three diseases as epidemics – for good. Watch this short video from The Global Fund AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria affect millions of young people around the world, but with the right treatment and care, they can still go on to achieve their dreams and live life to the fullest. Lerato, from South Africa, Mykola, from Ukraine, and Lah Poe, from Thailand, have overcome tremendous health challenges. Today, they are calling on the world to not let these diseases beat…

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SANAC Statement on NGO Funding

The South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) and the Networking HIV/AIDS Community of South Africa (NACOSA) have been working to address the impact of funding restrictions for organisations working with sex workers and gender-based violence.  We will be working to explore all avenues to raise additional funds and to manage changes more gradually. After discussions with the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, a transition plan has been put in place to give us time to find alternative sources of funding for the NGOs that will lose their funding. However this does not guarantee long-term funding for all…

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