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We are so happy to have your organisation as part of our linking and learning network. The NACOSA Network exists to support, strengthen and unite civil society in its response to HIV, AIDS and TB and other related social and health challenges.

As a vital  part of this network, we are pleased to provide you with your own MEMBER logo. The logo can be used on your website, electronic communications, social media pages, merchandise and printed materials to show your affiliation to the network and our collective efforts. Where space permits, please include the following disclaimer:

[Your Organisation Name] is a member of the NACOSA Network, however the views expressed by [Organisation Name] do not reflect those of NACOSA or its funders.

You can download the logo in various formats, depending on where and how you will use it.

Member logo PDF: high resolution for printed materials

Member logo black PDF : high resolution for black & white printed materials


Member logo PNG: transparent for website and electronic communications


Member logo black PNG: transparent for website and electronic communications


A set of guidelines on how to use it are also available for download: NACOSA Brand Identity Guidelines.

Please provide a link to the network page when you use the badge to help us grow the network:

We look forward to engaging with you as part of the network!

Member benefits

  • Listing on our website
  • Access to training services
  • A voice in the national debate
  • Priority invitation to events
  • Use of our member logo
  • Voting rights at the AGM
  • Advance notice of opportunities in the global HIV, AIDS & TB response.

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