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NACOSA is looking for partners in healthcare leadership who will join us in strengthening community systems and the response to HIV, AIDS and TB.

Contribute to NACOSA’s endowment fund:

  • Become a shareholder in our future
  • Gain maximum B-BBEE points for Socio-Economic Development and Ownership
  • Get a tax deduction on your contribution
  • Receive annual reports on progress and impact
  • Automatically become a NACOSA member, with access to thousands of community, business, government and multilateral networks.

By partnering with us, you will hear the voices that are emerging, make sure services reach the people that need them, and ensure that services are tailored to community needs.



The NACOSA Training Institute is a centre of excellence for training community workers, civil society organisations, government, international agencies, small business employees and social entrepreneurs. We are looking for investors to help us take this sustainability mechanism to the next level. Invest in the NACOSA Training Institute:

  • Be a founding partner in a premier development training facility in Africa.
  • Have a major and sustainable impact on strengthening community systems, so preventing the spread of HIV, AIDS & TB.
  • See a return as the Institute taps into the huge market for training in health and social services.
  • Help us create jobs and opportunities in the health and social services sectors.
  • Get points on your B-BBEE scorecard for enterprise and supplier development, as well as skills development.


As a top-rated principal recipient, NACOSA has extensive experience of managing large, complex, multi-year grants to organisations devlivering services on the ground. Our rigorous financial management and monitoring systems ensure the transparent and accountable transfer of funding. We provide:

  • Identification of beneficiary organisations
  • Capacity needs assessments
  • Mentoring, coaching and technical assistance
  • Capacity building training and referrals
  • Accountable channelling of Socio-Economic Development (SED) funding
  • Monitoring, evaluation and close-out reports


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