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Red Umbrella GLO Evaluation

The Red Umbrella GLO Programme is an economic empowerment intervention for sex workers that was developed and managed by NACOSA with funding from the Global Fund. The prevention and treatment of HIV among sex workers requires not only a clinical approach, but also strategies to address the structural barriers that increase sex workers’ vulnerability to HIV including legal, social and economic factors.  A process evaluation of the pilot by Impact Consulting for NACOSA looked at implementation, outputs and outcomes to make recommendations for a next phase or possible scale-up. “Providing support for sex workers is the not the same as…

Red Umbrella GLO Evaluation

Microplanning with PWID

Globally, people who inject drugs (PWID) are disproportionately affected by HIV. PWID are 28 times more likely to be living with HIV than the general population. PWID also have higher rates of hepatitis C virus HCV and TB than the general population. Micro-planning is an outreach methodology that decentralises the planning and management of outreach to peer educators who work with PWID at the grassroots level. A process evaluation of micro-planning as a service delivery model on NACOSA’s People Who Use Drugs Programme, funded by the Global Fund, was conducted for NACOSA by the CHAPS and Sediba Hope Medical Centre. The evaluation found…


Grow Learn Own Evaluation

Research shows that HIV affects women disproportionately in South Africa. In 2020, an estimated 4.8 million women aged 15 years and older had HIV, compared to 2.7 million men of the same age, with this phenomenon driven by biological and structural risks, including poverty, gender-based violence (GBV), and gender inequality. Recognising the vulnerability of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW), the Global Fund My Journey programme provides core and layered services to AGYW based on their individual needs. Within this programme, the Economic Strengthening Livelihoods service, or Grow Learn Own (GLO), provided AGYW who are not in employment, education, or…


Sex workers and PrEP

The Global Fund Sex Work Programme aims to prevent new HIV infections among sex workers in South Africa. Between 2019 and 2022, the programme was managed by NACOSA working with implementing organisations in thirteen districts. One of the key components of the programme was to provide pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), an HIV prevention method newly introduced in South Africa, to HIV negative sex workers to reduce new HIV infections. A process evaluation was conducted by Impact Consulting for NACOSA to assesses the processes that the programme used to support initiation, uptake, cycling and prevention- effective adherence with regards to PrEP, and…


Keeping Girls in School Process Evaluation

The Keeping Girls in Schools (KGS) programme is a component of the Global Fund Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) initiative designed to reach 14-18 year old girls in South Africa. It has delivered a package of age-appropriate services to girls in a selection of Quintile 1-3 schools in each of ten districts across South Africa over three years from April 2016 to March 2019. The aim of the programme is to decrease new HIV infections in girls and young women, decrease learner pregnancies and keep girls in school until they complete high school. A process evaluation was conducted for…


Peer Education Evaluation

Sex workers are identified as a key population in the South African National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV, STIs and TB 2017-20221. Widespread stigma and discrimination, state and non-state violence and harassment, restrictive laws and policies, criminalisation, and inadequate programmes and funding place sex workers at heightened risk of HIV and other health concerns, and undermine their access to services. The Global Fund National Sex Work Programme, started in 2010, used peer education as the basis of the programme approach, as outlined in the NSWP and in line with recognised best practice: where peer educators were deployed to support sex…