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AGYW Grants

The Global Fund Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) Programme offers an age-tailored combination prevention programme for AGYW aged 15-24. The programme targets AGYW, in and out of school, but will not decline service provision to other populations who are engaged by the programme (i.e. Adolescent Boys and Young Men in-school, members of the broader community).

The Small Grant Scheme for Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW Grants) is looking for organisations able to render a specific set of activities to AGYW in Tshwane 1, Rustenburg or Klipfontein sub-districts to support the achievement of the programme objectives. These activities are:

  • Demand creation for services and awareness raising
  • Linkage to treatment and care

Full details are available in the terms of reference:



Questions can be sent by email only to

To ensure fairness, no communication with individual NACOSA staff will be allowed.

All questions will be answered on a daily basis and will be shown on this web page.

To Apply

Interested organisations should submit the application form and attachments by email only to:

You may create a Dropbox for the application and attachments and email the link with your application form. Alternatively, use for big document transfer.

Deadline for submission is: 12h00 on Monday 18 November 2019 Strictly no late applications will be considered.


Civil Society organisations with the following:

  • Level 1 or 2 BBEEE status*
  • Registered NPO
  • Valid tax clearance certificate
  • Been in operation for at least two years and have an unqualified audit report
  • Operational in either Tshwane, Rustenburg or Klipfontein
  • Have participated in the Capacity Building component of the Community Systems Strengthening Programme in a previous or current Global Fund grant.
  • Not currently funded in the current Global Fund grant in any capacity as a principal, sub or sub-sub recipient.
  • Currently serve key and/or vulnerable populations and employ staff with capacity to:
    • Conduct community liaison and awareness raising work
    • Perform linkage and follow-up work with clinically referred AGYW
    • Ensure quality data management
    • Manage, guide and monitor implementation performance
  • Be able to report electronically

* Please see the affidavit templates: QSE ; EME