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Bicycles improve public safety

“Now, with the new bicycles, cleaning up is even easier, and we can cover more ground in Bellville and other communities that need cleaning.”

Making our community safe and clean just got easier with the introduction of the bicycles in February 2024. In a collaborative effort to improve community safety, NACOSA has partnered with its implementing organisation partner for the harm reduction programme, TB HIV Care, , on an innovative community clean-up project. NACOSA recently donated bicycles to be used for picking up and disposing used syringes.

The community clean-up project has been running for about a year with a shared goal to remove opportunities for sharing of used needles and keeping the community safe from potential needle pricks. Trained community safety officers and staff from TB HIV Care and VRCCID collect and dispose of needles and syringes in communities highly affected by drugs, like Bellville.

The bicycles provided in February 2024 are going to make a big difference in keeping the community safe and clean as the community clean-up team will be able to cover a large area and move around easily, making the clean-up process more efficient and effective.

These bicycles will help remove used syringe needles off our streets every day, making Bellville safer.” says Voortrekker Road Corridor CID.

NACOSA and TB HIV Care hope to expand this collaborative community clean-up support to other harm reduction sites.

Community clean-up bicycle

When we work together, we are taking important steps to make our communities safer and cleaner for everyone. Community members can become part of this project, If you see any syringes in your area that need to be picked up, contact VRCID or TB HIV Care to include your area on our community clean-up schedule.