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Thy Kingdom Care brings hope to a community dealing with difficult problems. Thandi Khanyile has been running the organisation since 2013, addressing a range of social and health issues including an increase in the number of HIV-positive people, a rising number of orphans, growing crime, and an increase in teenage pregnancies.  

“Helping the community is one of my passions. I couldn’t just look at the challenges without doing anything,” Thandi says. She felt compelled to contribute more to her community. “I used to assist the community with my salary because there was nothing happening in our community.” 

Thandi and her team implemented different programmes to address the challenges in the community. One of the programmes is for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), offering afterschool support, literacy education and nutritious meals. Another programme focuses on empowering beneficiaries through a six-week course, providing them with skills and referrals for further opportunities. The organisation also extends its support to the children of sex workers, offering school uniforms and early childhood development services.

Kabona Tekiso, who receives services at Thy Kingdom Care, shares her experience, saying: 

“At Thy Kingdom Care, they give you advice when you are emotionally down,” 

The organisation faced challenges related to capacity issues at the beginning. “We started the organisation with no experience,” Thandi says. They received capacity building support and a small grant as part of NACOSA’s Community Systems Strengthening programme, when they became part of NACOSA’s network.   

“There is so much that we’ve learnt from NACOSA. We didn’t know that you have to plan, and do monitoring and evaluation to be sustainable as an organisation,” Thandi shares. “Capacity building has helped us in building relationships with the government and other stakeholders.”  

“It’s not about funding only. It’s about strengthening your organisation, growing your organisation, increasing capacity.”  

Thy Kingdom Care has become a pillar of support by addressing immediate needs and also tackling the root causes of social issues. This proves that local NGOs can make a big difference in helping communities that are facing challenges. “Community based organisations are very important as they are close to the community; they know, they understand the challenges and the needs of the community,” says Thandi. 

“Now that we are capacitated, we can educate our community better.” 

Thy Kingdom Care

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