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AFSA, Beyond Zero and NACOSA (three Principal Recipients of a Global Fund HIV grant in South Africa) seek to appoint a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler(s) to procure, warehouse and deliver health products to their sub-recipient sites.

Full details are in the TERMS OF REFERENCE >

The deadline for submission of bids is 17h00 on Monday, 30 January 2023.


Q1: Are any of the health products being contemplated in this bid cold chain items?

It is not anticipated that any products would require storage in a fridge or freezer, with cold chain conditions generally referred to as 2-8ᵒC. Although all products must be stored and “packed using appropriate methods and/or devices to control and monitor and maintain the temperature during transport.” I.e. all products must be stored and distributed in line with manufacturer specifications.

Q2: Please confirm that any emergency orders placed will only include the health products contemplated in 2.2? If not limited to products listed in 2.2, will any additional health products be cold chain items?

The PRs usually do not do emergency orders, but rather monthly/quarterly orders, but from the products that the bidder will be storing on behalf of the PRs, there are no cold chain items.

It is further confirmed that emergency orders will include the health products listed in the table under 2.2 Storage and Stock Management of HIV Prevention health products or products agreed in a separate MOU between a PR and the Service Provider.

“The Service Provider will be required to warehouse at least the following health products”

HIV Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) kits
HIV self-screening test kits
PrEP Medication
Gender affirming hormones
Personal protective equipment

 Q3: Please supply the document mentioned in Annex 7 – when trying to download the document the link is not valid.

NACOSA has uploaded the Code of Conduct for suppliers with the other documents for this tender, under DOCUMENTS below.

Referring to TOR : 2.1 Procurement of HIV Prevention commodities and pharmaceuticals)

Q4: Will the Service Provider be required to procure any of the health products? Who actually places the order with the manufacturer?

“The PRs will procure health products directly from health product manufacturers or suppliers. However, for PrEP the Service Provider may have to assist the PR to open accounts and place orders with the suppliers/manufacturers. Each PR will sign a separate contract with the Service Provider. As such, in each contract between the PR and the Service Provider, details of the procurement process will be outlined.”

Q5: Will picking be in singles or in case quantities?

PRs attempt to order in case quantities but for certain products singles might be requested.

Q6: We would like to understand how the order is processed on the Service Provider – e.g. is an order driven via email? If possible, could we get an example of how an order will look.

Orders are placed by email to the account manager or other selected representative selected by the Service Provider. The three PRs have different formats of placing orders, and different ordering intervals. This could be further discussed and agreed during contracting.

Q7: Will orders only be placed on working business days (Mon-Fri) and will the 72 hours deadline for delivery be in working business days? If only on working business days, what would the cut-off time be on a Friday?

This can be negotiated between the service provider and the PRs at the time of contracting. As a rule, orders will only be placed on working business days (Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00) Similarly, the 72 hours deadline for delivery applies to working business days. Cut-off time on Fridays will be agreed during contracting.

Q8: Costing: How do we submit a quote around returns, recalls and upliftments?

PRs will reimburse the Service Provider for the cost of the courier service to return the stock to the importer.

Q9: Who will be responsible for requesting the COA and quality assurance document from the manufacturer/supplier? The Service Provider or the PR?

The importer will be required to submit copies of a Certificate of Analysis and Quality Assurance testing post product importation for the batch delivered to the Service Provider. The Service Provider will be required to verify that the batch number on the quality assurance results corresponds with the batch number of the stock received.

Q10: What are the trading hours of the clinic depots where we are expected to deliver?

Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 15:00.

Q11: Is the delivery/receiving process standard across all clinic depots?

Yes, according to agreed procedures between PRs and service provider. The process is the same for all deliveries, in other words the Service Provider will follow the standard delivery process at all delivery points.

Q12: Will the medication supplied have a different barcode and registration number to the stock in private sector?

All products that are for storage with the Service Provider will be procured through government tender.

Barcode will be the same for the same product but barcodes from different suppliers might be different. Packaging could be different, for e.g. might carry a label stating “Not for resale”. If oral PreP has 2 different suppliers

Registration number of a health product, if referred to a product reference number, will be the same as the product provided on government tender but health products procured in general by PRs could differ from private sector due to the procurements via government tenders.