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Cybercrime alert

NACOSA has recently been the victim of a cybercrime attack. We would like to therefore alert all our partners and the organisations and people we work with to be extremely vigilant to potential cyber attacks, which appear to be on the rise.

  • Never send proof of bank details or payment packs via email. Always verify by phone or in person.
  • Be alert to potential pfishing attempts: NEVER provide passwords, PINs or banking details by email or click on a link in an email asking for such details.
  • Be very careful about change of banking details communications – these are used by fraudsters to get deposits made into their own bank account. Contact the person or company you are paying to confirm any changes directly. Do not use the phone number on the email, rather get the number of the organization/company’s website.
  • Do not download attachments or click on links in emails unless you are 100% sure of the sender is. Some of these emails are extremely convincing but things that can alert you is if it is from an email address that you don’t normally interact with, or the spelling and wording is odd, or if when you look at the email address it is different from where the sender says they are from.

If you suspect you are being targeted, let your bank know immediately. If you are a NACOSA sub-recipient, sub-awardee or supplier please also contact our Finance team immediately so we can be alerted.