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Invest to end TB and save lives

TB is one of the world’s oldest diseases but, although it is now curable, it is still a leading cause of sickness and death globally. South Africa is one of the 30 highest burden TB countries in the world and it remains our leading natural cause of death. An estimated 167 people in South Africa lose their lives to TB every day. TB and HIV are closely linked, with over 60% of people with active TB also living with HIV. PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY South Africa’s rates of active TB are some of the highest in the world, a situation that…

Vaginal HIV prevention ring approved

South Africa’s medicines regulator, SAHPRA, has approved the new vaginal ring for use by women ages 18 and older to reduce their HIV risk. This is a major milestone, bringing the first long-acting and woman-controlled product a step closer to reaching the women who need it. What is it? The Vaginal Ring is a flexible, silicon band containing the antiretroviral medicine (ARV) dapivirine. How does it work? The ring is put into the vagina every month and slowly releases dapivirine into the body to help prevent HIV infection. It works to prevent HIV in people who are HIV negative in…

Vaginal Ring Infographic