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It has been 40 years since the first cases of what would become known as AIDS were identified in the United States and 30 years since the National AIDS Convention of South Africa, which would evolve into NACOSA.

What have we learned about tackling HIV, AIDS and other public health crises?

“Our experience of battling a pandemic like HIV set us on a solid footing when it came to dealing with the arrival of Covid-19.” – Dr Saadiq Kariem, Chairperson

“NACOSA’s long history within the AIDS response, its resilience and adaptability over this difficult period has meant that the organisation was able to contribute to keeping the torches of the HIV response alight, while at the same time continuing to reach people and communities on the fringes of society with critical knowledge and services.”  – Mohamed Motala, Executive Director

“COVID is here to stay, we must learn how to live with it. Like we did with HIV, we must learn to coexist with these pandemics.” – Pinampi Maano, Civil Society Forum Chairperson.