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NACOSA Strategic Plan

NACOSA seeks the professional services of a consultant or team to review its current strategic plan which expires in 2021 and lead a strategic planning exercise to produce a strategic plan for the period 2022 to 2027. The process will include engagement with stakeholders inside and outside the organization, both to develop the plan and secure its implementation.

For details and how to submit a proposal see the TERMS OF REFERENCE >

Submissions must be made by 10 September 2021 to

Any questions must be made in writing to





1 I am writing this mail to enquire about briefing date it says 16 September but the submission date is 10 September. The briefing is intended for the successful bidder. There is no scheduled briefing date for prospective bidders.
2 Is there a specification document and what other forms should we need to be completed? All information is available in the Terms of Reference
3 I have noted that the RFP states that the proposal must only be 2 pages long, with a workplan for 1 page. Please can you clarify if the 2 pages are the limit? And if the CVs should be included in these 2 pages please?

Kindly advise if we need to include any company documents?

1.      The proposal must be a maximum of 2 pages and the proposed workplan an additional 1 page.

2.      The CVs, company profile and letters of recommendation can be additional documents.