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Remembering activist Andrew Mosane

It is with great sadness and heaviness of hearts that we have learnt about the passing on of a gallant HIV and AIDS activist, Andrew Mosane. Our heartfelt condolences to the Mosane family, friends, civil society sectors and Show Me Your Number. All of us have lost such an astute person, and the gap created by his departure will be so hard to fill.

NACOSA had a rare opportunity of Andrew serving in its Gauteng Provincial Advisory Committee since 2017. He was always passionate and uncompromising about health issues affecting key and vulnerable populations. In all his contributions, he proved to be the voice of the voiceless – many of those living at the “back-of-the-behind”. He was unashamedly selfless with his time when it came to championing the cause of the less privileged key and vulnerable populations. Andrew will be forever remembered and cherished by NACOSA for his contribution to its operations. Andrew’s legacy continues to live on, and it should never die.

May Andrew Mosane’s Spirit Rest In Peace.