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Mid-term evaluation of GSIP

NACOSA seeks the services of a consultant to conduct a Mid-Term Evaluation of the Gauteng Strategic Implementation Plan (GSIP) on HIV, TB & STIs (2017-2022). The overall purpose of the mid-term evaluation is to assess the progress made towards achieving the targets of the GSIP goals, identify gaps and challenges and offer recommendations. The evaluation should also highlight best practices and key lessons learned which will inform the revision and updating of the GSIP going forward.

Full details and how to apply are in the Terms of Reference.


Q:What data will be made available for the purpose of the project to the successful bidder?

A: Quantitative Data to be provided:

  • Secondary data programme data which the AIDS Council secretariat collects from key stakeholders (Department of Health, Education, Social Development, Correctional Services & Civil Society).
  • Thembisa model. This is available online and hopefully before end on August an updated version will be available.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data from Global Fund implementers in the province.

Q: Will DHIS data be made available to the successful bidder for the purposes of this project?

A: No. But a selected number of indicators which are derived from the DHIS and reported by the Department of Health will be available. However, if there is need for the DHIS, it can be made available.

Q: Given the spread of COVID-19 and directives from the National Government, will the successful bidder be required to conduct focus group discussions given the rules on public gatherings?

A: Virtual focus group meetings are ideal. However, ideally a focus group needs a maximum of 12 individuals, which means the number is within the parameters specified.

Q: Will prior research and documentation on the performance of the strategic plan be made available to the successful bidder?

A: Yes, once appointed, the GAC secretariat will send all necessary documentation (including sampling list, available quantitative data, possible indicators 9for each Goal) to use in the Evaluation Plan) to enable a more comprehensive and focused desktop review. The consultant will develop a draft Inception report which he/she will present at the Inception meeting. You can download the GSIP here. But please be guided by the National Strategic Plan on HIV, TB and STIs (2017-2022) as well.


Proposals must be submitted electronically to by 15:00 on 08 July 2020.

Please note:

  • No telephonic enquiries will be accepted.
  • No late applications will be considered
  • Short-listed candidates must be available immediately.