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Opportunity: Mobile health bus

NACOSA seeks the services of a suitably qualified company to provide 3 mobile health buses, fully furnished and equipped with clinical equipment and driver.


Written questions to Rene Sparks, Clinical Manager:



Proposals should be submitted in hard copy with an electronic version on disc to Derek Gagiano, Cost and Management Accountant:

Proposals must include:

  1. Signed cover letter
  2. Business profile
  3. Business Registration Certificate
  4. B-BBEE Certificates
  5. SARS tax clearance certificate
  6. Confirmation of banking details
  7. Signed code of conduct for suppliers
  8. Completed and signed declaration of interest
  9. Quote
  10. Sample of products
  11. Implementation plan

IMPORTANT: Please refer to Code of Conduct for suppliers for the Global Fund

Deadline for submission: 16h00 on Monday, 15 July 2019


Q: 1 consultation room equipped for cervical screening. What equipment would you require?
A: A lamp and examination couch and a storage cupboard.

Q: 1 toilet. Do you require a flush toilet. Would you consider an outside chemical toilet as an alternative?
A: Chemical is fine but we would need someone able to tend to it. I can’t see the nurses or counsellors doing this. When asking around, this function was offered by the driver/technician.

Q: Gazebo’s chairs and tables. How many of each do you require?
A: 4 of each

Q: Kitchenette. What would you require it to be equipped with – e.g. hydroboil, sink?
A: Preferably a hydroboil

Q: Storage for waste. Would this be for medical waste?
A: Yes that’s correct.

Q: Fridge for blood samples. What size of fridge would you require?
A: Mini fridge or a cooler box that can be plugged in, this does not have to be a bar fridge.

Q: Fridge for staff. What size of fridge would you require, e.g. a bar fridge?
A: Preferably.

Q: Do you have a floor plan layout of a mobile clinic for your needs?
A: We require 2 testing stations and an examination room and toilet. The floor plans I have are from other organisations I approached when doing research. Please be creative, I don’t think I can share those floor plans as they are not NACOSA’s. We are requesting organisations to design a space that is conducive to counselling and testing, consulting and examination.

Q: Is there three phase power available at any of the stopping points – where the bus can connect to?
A: Not that I am aware of, buses will be scheduled in any area known to the testing organisations as able to reach the most young people. It may be linked to community centres, health centres and youth hubs but whether they can access power, I am not sure.

Q: Will the Cape Town Office be open on the stipulated closing date and time to receive the actual tender bid document?
A: We open on Monday, 15th July 2019 at 08:00. We have amended the closing date to Monday, 15th July at 16:00.

Q: DRIVER’S LIVING-OUT ALLOWANCE & ACCOMMODATION. Which areas/towns will be visited and what will be the period of each visit?
A: The mobile buses will be for Western Cape: Klipfontein Sub District; Gauteng: Tshwane 1 Sub District and North West: Rustenburg Sub District.

Q: SUB-DISTICTS. Please identify these sub-districts, i.e. their geographic locations.
A: Same as above.

Q: PARKING FOR THE BUS. The provision of parking will be dependent on the location of the towns that will be visited.
A: Provision needed per Sub District – supplier to assist.

Q: FUEL. Please advise on the distance (in km) that will be traveled per day/month?
A: We have not calculated this. We have not used a service of this nature before, we would need the expertise of supplier to forecast using the Sub District size. I suggest that Tshwane and North West receive bigger allocation as they have the largest areas and highest targets. Teams will be roving every day and possibly weekends. Driver to be available for weekends should it be required.