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Procurement of vehicle fleet

NACOSA invites the following Dealership Brands to submit quotes for the new vehicle fleet as follows:

  • NISSAN – 7 x Nissan Hardbody 2.5TDi Hi Rider DC with, Canopy, 5 year / 120 000km Maintenance plan, white.
  • HONDA – 18 x Honda BRV 1.5 Trend with, 5 year / 120 000km Maintenance plan, white.

Written questions may be submitted to Derek Gagiano:


Bid submissions must include:
1. Proposal
2. Quote
3. B-BBEE Certificates

IMPORTANT: Please refer to Code of Conduct for suppliers for the Global Fund.

Closing date: 17h00 on Wednesday, 26 June 2019


Q:  Is this procurement buying or would Full Maintenance Leasing also be considered?
A:  This is procurement buying.  No full maintenance leasing bids will be entertained.

Q:  Please can you confirm the region for the following tender: Procurement of vehicle fleet
A:  NACOSA’s head office is situated in Cape Town, and will be doing the procurement from here.  Please refer to the Terms of Reference for the estimated delivery addresses.

Q:  Can other vehicle brand dealerships also submit a tender?
A:  Unfortunately not.  NACOSA has a proven track record with the Nissan bakkies and Honda 7 seater vehicles and the decision was taken to continue with these brands.

Q:  The Radio/CD which is standard in the Nissan Hardbody 2.5 Hi Rider D/Cab is not Bluetooth compatible.  If you require this,  we can quote as an option,  please advise?
A:  No thank you, the standard Radio/CD unit is all that is required.

Q:  Is it preferable that tenders are hand delivered, or should they be mailed and hand delivered?
A:  It is preferable that tenders are emailed to

Q:  Item 2 d.  Code of Conduct for Suppliers?
A:  This is available on the website at this link:

Q:  Is there going to be a site briefing or not?
A:  No, there will be no site briefing.  All details for the tender is included on the TOR which is obtainable on this page.

Q:  Is there a tender document that needs to be completed?
A:  No tender document needs to be completed.  A quote with the required documents and a cover letter is acceptable.

Q:  Are there are any accessories required on the Nissan vehicles?
A:  Please refer to the TOR on the website.

Q:  Where would delivery be?
A:  Please refer to the TOR on the website for estimated locations.

Q:  Will it be a full or half door canopy for the Nissan Bakkies?
A:  It needs to be a half door canopy.

Q:  The Honda be hatch or sedan?
A:  Please refer to the model required as per the TOR.

Q:  Would you need all the vehicles delivered at once or over a period?
A:  All vehicles will be purchased and delivered at once.