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Total shutdown: Ntosh’s Story

On the day of the #TotalShutdown marches across the country, we hear from a survivor from the Eastern Cape who is bravely fighting back against gender based violence.

“Yes I was abused by a man but that does not mean all men are abusers. I was raped not once but twice, but that does not mean all men are rapists. I am not giving men the power that they should treat us any way or force themselves on us, but I am showing how strong I have become. Yes it was not easy but I am proud of myself My heart was bitter, no sleep, no joy, no smile… but today I am smiling and have joy

I did not ask for it!!!

My grandmother was always there for me. She was not educated, not even sure of what to say or how to act around me. She would come into my room and sleep with me and she always told me she loved me. I used to ask her how come my name is Noxolo (Peace) when I have no peace for myself, she would smile and say: “To your mother you are NOXOLO but to me you are NTOMBODIDI (Gracious).”

At that time my two beautiful names were meaningless but now I know the meaning of my beautiful names. Whatever happened in my past changed nothing, YES it wasn’t easy!”

#RapeMustFall #TotalShutdown

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